Pulaski Tickets & Tours strongly supports the Travel Industry.  Period.

To this end, we have a ‘No Pilfer Policy’ with regard to other agency’s commissions.

As a host travel agency, our mission is to find our agents and their clients the best prices possible for travel, but we will not steal commissions from other travel agencies to do so.

Travel agencies and the many agents who work in this industry are a vital part of our economy.  They spend time, monetary resources, and much effort to book travel and provide their clients with great service.  We respect that effort and want our fellow agencies to be rewarded for their hard work.

If you become a Pulaski Tickets & Tours agent, and you already have a vacation booked through a competing agency, you will have to wait until your next trip to use our services.

I’m sure you will agree: it is more than OK to make money in America, especially when you have earned it.

We thank all of our agents for their continued support and understanding.


Patrick Hartough, President
Condominium Travel Club


Woodland Hills, CA-Viking River Cruises announced their exclusive Platinum Circle list of top producing agents.  Platinum Circle agencies were rewarded with a private charter cruise in Europe on the new Viking PrestigePulaski Tickets & Tours, Inc. was named to this prestigious list of agencies.  Michele Saegesser, Vice President of Sales for Viking River Cruises, says that the Platinum Circle is Viking’s very best.  “We are a company dedicated to the service and the support of our travel partners.   The Platinum Circle agents support Viking because they know they can rely on very happy customers returning from their trips.”

Pulaski Tickets & Tours participated in the Platinum Circle cruise in March.  The cruise took guests from Amsterdam and up in the surrounding waterways.  One hundred twenty guests enjoyed the first class service of Viking as guests explored interesting cities such as Antwerp, Brugge, Ghent and Rotterdam.  

Patrick Hartough, owner of Pulaski Tickets & Tours, had this to say about Viking: “Viking River Cruises is an ‘incredible experience’ and is the BEST way to visit a foreign country for the first time.  Viking took care of every detail and gave us a sense of security and adventure at every port.”

Pulaski Tickets & Tours, Inc.

Pulaski Tickets & Tours Fully licensed, ARC appointed “host” travel agency incorporated in 1991.  Tickets & Tours handles travel accommodations for leisure travelers throughout the nation and currently services all the needs of 30,000 members of its closely affiliated travel club.  Members can book all spectrums of travel through the agency and enjoy member only prices on cruises, airfare, car rentals, all-inclusive vacations and other leisure services.

Tickets & Tours also services about 3,000 independent agents through its HOST (In Home) agency program.  Working with a “host” agency is the most desirable way to operate an independent travel agent business. Pulaski specializes in offering independent agents sophisticated services, overrides, training, quality control and support. Agents can catapult their business into existence with the confidence their clients will receive excellent service and a high level of expertise. For example, each agent receives their own travel website customized for their business. www.pulaskitravel.com.  Finding a quality host agency is critical to the success of an independent travel agent.

About Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises, the world’s leading river cruise company, offers scenic cruising along the rivers of Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia and Egypt. The company has been honored multiple times as a top river cruise line on Condé Nast Traveler’s “Gold List” and Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best” Awards as well as recognized as the World’s Leading River Cruise Operator at the World Travel Awards and by the editors of Cruise Critic as “Best River Cruise Line” in the website’s 4th Annual Editors’ Picks Awards. Travel agents have also recognized Viking River Cruises as “Best River Cruise Line” by Travel Weekly, “Best River Cruise Line” by Recommend and Travel Agent magazines, Best Cruise Line for Luxury River Cruises at the Luxury Travel Advisor Awards of Excellence and as “Best Overall Cruise Line for River Cruising” and “Best River Cruise Line for Travel Agent Support” by TravelAge West. Since its 1997 inception, the company has grown to a fleet of 31 vessels (in 2013), and provides unique, deluxe vacations to experienced travelers with an interest in geography, culture and history. The year 2013 will also mark the complete bow-to-stern refurbishment of the company’s entire Russian fleet, with all four vessels featuring Veranda Staterooms and Suites. For additional information, contact Pulaski Tickets & Tours at 1‑877‑453-8458 toll-free or visit our website online at  www.vikingrivercruises.com/myagent/pulaskitravel/.

Don’t be discouraged if reservation agents tell you “no”. A new member had to call 3 times to expand a conference rate booking from 3 days to 6 days. Booked into the JW Marriott Phoenix @ conference rate of $140 nt, standard king, nonsmoking, reservation agent said that it could not be extended, “sold out”.  On the 2nd call the reservation agent said it could be extended but only @ the higher $316nt and would necessitate a room change. The 3rd time the reservation agent said there was a block on the reservation and a note in the record to call the block space manager in charge of the conference who made the change with a keystroke. Sometimes “sold out” or “can’t be done” sometimes means just that, sometimes not.  Don’t get mad, be pleasant, ask questions, talk to different people, maybe even a supervisor.

We discourage any emphasis on air fare savings for Agents with Pulaski tickets & Tours.  However, a Florida Ministry recently used their membership to successfully send 14 missionaries to Brazil. Thank Cintia Zingoni @ BTS Travel, (212) 764-6161 for her assistance cintia@btstravelonline.com an air consolidator specializing in Brazil. She got everybody on the same flight (no easy task) and beat published fares and internet discounters by $200 a ticket, a nice savings. A great place to start learning about this important tool is to to take the United States Air Consolidators Association travel agent course @ http://usaca.com/online_training.php. Consolidators can play a strong role in making or saving money on  international, last minute, business and 1st class airfare.  Do not expect to save or make money on domestic coach fares with consolidators.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park

The transition began in 2001, when the 90-year-old Laurence S. Rockefeller – John D. Jr’s son, who had honeymooned at the ranch in 1934 – announced that it would become the “LSR Preserve,” and include a state-of-the-art Visitors Center crafted from recycled native woods.

Hikers can now take a four-mile loop trail to the crystalline Phelps Lake, passing through spectacular mountain landscape that has not changed since the Shoshone Indians roamed here over a century ago. What visitors won’t spy are the 30 log buildings that once made up the JY: Before the Rockefellers bought it in 1932, it had operated as Wyoming’s first dude ranch, but as part of the 2007 donation, all man-made structures were carefully removed along with seven miles of asphalt roads and 1,500 tons of building materials, to return the lake to its pristine state.

Even so, it is easy to imagine the JY in its heyday, when a string of rough-hewn cabins with wooden furniture and stone fireplaces stood above the alpine lakeside. To this idyllic frontier outpost, Rockefeller family members would arrive from the East every summer to indulge in hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting and horseback-riding – outdoor pursuits not so very different from those enjoyed by the Shoshone in warmer months.

Destinations have stories. We bring them to life. What story might you discover next? Contact your Pulaski Tickets  & Tours representative and start discovering with Globus.


By: Globus

Few realize that the game of golf has been distracting Scotsmen for more than 600 years. The earliest known reference to it comes from the 1400s, when the Scottish Parliament had to ban the playing of “gawf,” thought to be the old Gaelic spelling, because it was keeping able-bodied citizens away from their military training. Nobody knows who invented the addictive game, but it is agreed that the world’s first permanent golf course was created on an ocean-side stretch of land in St. Andrews – a magnificent medieval town that also boasts the country’s oldest university (famously, the Crown Prince William is amongst its students). Today, St. Andrews is still a paradise for golfers, who flock here from around the world to play the Old Course bathed in golden northern light and visit the majestic clubhouse of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. Almost every aspect of golf was devised on this verdant piece of real estate, right down to the number of holes in a tournament. The Old Course originally had 11 holes determined by the rugged topography of the land, and would be played in both directions, for a total of 22 holes in a round. But as the game became more popular in the 1700s, some of the holes were deemed too short and were combined, eventually leaving 18 holes, now the standard. In 1897, the Society codified the game’s rules, and since 1952 has shared their administration with the United States Golf Association. Luckily for travelers who do not share the international obsession with golf, St. Andrews has a great deal more to offer – the haunting ruins of the St. Andrews castle, which towers over the wild Scottish shoreline, is one of the most evocative historical sites in Britain.

Destinations aren’t just places on a map. They’re the backdrop for some of the most fascinating stories in history. Let history come to life with a Globus vacation to Scotland. Contact Pulaski Tickets Tours Inc and get started today.