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Pulaski Tickets & Tours strongly supports the Travel Industry.  Period.

To this end, we have a ‘No Pilfer Policy’ with regard to other agency’s commissions.

As a host travel agency, our mission is to find our agents and their clients the best prices possible for travel, but we will not steal commissions from other travel agencies to do so.

Travel agencies and the many agents who work in this industry are a vital part of our economy.  They spend time, monetary resources, and much effort to book travel and provide their clients with great service.  We respect that effort and want our fellow agencies to be rewarded for their hard work.

If you become a Pulaski Tickets & Tours agent, and you already have a vacation booked through a competing agency, you will have to wait until your next trip to use our services.

I’m sure you will agree: it is more than OK to make money in America, especially when you have earned it.

We thank all of our agents for their continued support and understanding.


Patrick Hartough, President
Condominium Travel Club

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